Delivery time

The delivery usually takes place immediately after receipt of payment.
Specified delivery times are indicative and from receipt of payment.
Information about the delivery period is to be understood as estimated delivery time for national shipping.
When paying by bank transfer, until 5 additional days will be needed after the day payment for the order has been sent to the referring bank.

Indicative value for delivery time:

Delivery time* Outbound nationally:
- Next day delivery (E+1): 60.5%
- Delivery within 2 days (E+2 cumulative): 95.1%
- Delivery after more than 2 days (> E+2): 4.9%
Average duration in days (Ø): 1.46

Delivery time** International shipments:
German Post: Europe-wide average: E+2 to 6 working days
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(here you have to enter: Zielland & Produkt: Brief zum Kilotarif and then click the tab "Laufzeit" .)

DHL: see DHL PDF file

* Source: DHL for IDEALDERM. Terms: Only for the product DHL Paket. Package center until the first qualified delivery attempt.
** Source Deutsche Post.
E + 1 = 1 day of delivery plus 1 day.
The calculation of the duration only takes into account working days (Monday - Saturday).