Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

We comply with the new WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, law concerning the introduction into circulation, the taking back and the environmentally compatible disposal of electrical and electronic products) andour company is registered under the WEEE reg. no. DE 64576862.
Usersare not allowed todispose of electrical and electronic products that they are no longer using in normal waste; on the contrary, they are obliged to hand them in at the local collection points.
Please dispose of electrical and electronic products at a local collection point or hand them over to local business free of charge, as required by the legislator; their disposal in domestic waste is expressly forbidden. We request you to send devices received from us to our address (see below inImprint)free of charge or sufficiently franked by post to us after use, if it is not possible to give the devices back otherwise as an exception.