Worldwide shipping free from 80
otherwise the following shipping costs:

Throughout Germany, including German islandswithDHL:
per package up to 30 kg flat rate 4,95 incl. VAT

International in Europe(e.g. UK):
until 0.25 kg 4,95 incl. VAT
until 0.5 kg 5,95 incl. VAT
until 0.75 kg 6,95 incl. VAT
until 1 kg 7,95 incl. VAT
for each further Kg in each case 4,00 incl. VAT

International outside Europe (eg USA):
until 0.25 kg 4,16 exkl. MwSt
until 0.5 kg 5,00 exkl. MwSt
until 0.75 kg 5,84 exkl. MwSt
until 1 kg 6,68 exkl. MwSt
for each further Kg in each case 3,36 excl. VAT

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.