REPAIR Body Serum

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Special Intense Moisturiser Care for legs & body

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REPAIR Body Serum
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IDEALDERMREPAIRBody Serum is a moisturizing Serum with the active component urea in high concentration.
IDEALDERMREPAIRBody Serumis clinically tested, it increases skin moisture to 10%, on average up to 15%!

Features and benefits:

- IDEALDERMREPAIRis suitable as a dailybody care for all skin types and for all ages.

- IDEALDERMREPAIRBody Serum is made for cosmetical health care.

- Clinical tests show that IDEALDERMREPAIRis also recommended as health carefor pathological skin modifications, like neurodermatitis, eczema (atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis), diabetes, psoriasis, chronic cornification disorders, dry skin and dry ageing skin, but also for dry and mature and itchy or after Peelings treatments.

- Accompanying symptoms like chapped, scaly and flaky skin, get in a short time a elastic and well-cared-for skin appearance.

- With systematic care, bothersome itchiness is reduce or completely eliminated.

- IDEALDERMREPAIR Body Serum is suitable for every age. For care on babies and young children, please consult your doctor prior to using this product.

- The IDEALDERMREPAIR care products are quickly absorbed and do not leave skin greasy.

Key active ingredients:

- 10% Urea:
Urea is a component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), so-called moisture content substances. It occurs in the hydro-lipid layer.
Urea forms a barrier which prevents the evaporation of water.

1) Moisturizing function:
Urea restores the hydro-lipid layer, since it has soluble properties for keratin, an important component of the skin.

2) Mitigating and keratolytic effect:
Urea has a strong keratolytic effect (e.g., for the treatment of ichthyosis, stronger than salicylic acid).
Pruritus (itching) sensation is associated with dryness.
Urea has anti-pruritus and antimicrobial properties.

- Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil:
an extract of olive oil, a strong Hydrating agentsthat increase the water content of the skin, moisturizes, nourishes smoothes and repairs skin and help it to maintain its soft and and silky with smooth appearance.

- Tocopherol (vitamin E) + Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate):
these excellent moisturisers have excellent wound healing properties and protect the skin from environmental pollution.

150ml Tube.

Scientific developed special moisture care ?even ideal for skin problems!

IDEALDERMREPAIR ? special moisture care is a high-quality care product, suitable for all ages, skin types and especially important: for people with skin problems. IDEALDERMREPAIR offers skin care based on scientific research, dermatologic reports and a comprehensive security evaluation.
In clinical tests it was acknowledged that the moisture care IDEALDERMREPAIR offers is also an accompanying skin care therapy for morbid skin diseases. It is even well compliant on skin irritations. Because of this reason the use of IDEALDERMREPAIR is advised at:

  • neurodermatisis
  • ageing skin
  • chronical acrokeratosis
  • psoriasis
  • diabetes

Why does our skin need support?
Our skin needs a selective and permanent care. It`s our biggest organ and serves us in many kinds of aspects: it regulates the climate household of the body, it is involved in the metabolism, and saves us before environmental influences of different kinds.
To keep this moisture, respectively restore it, an optimal amount of moisture is needed. It can positively be influenced by qualitatively high skin care. IDEALDERMREPAIR intense Care was developed specifically for this needs.

What goals were required withIDEALDERMREPAIR intense Care?
First of all the target was set. The needs were:

  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Strongly stressed skin
  • Morbid skin
  • and old skin

One goal was that IDEALDERMREPAIR provides the aggrieved skin with moisture: In clinical tests was proven that the raw material combination raises the moisture of the skin by at least 10 % at permanent use. In the middle a result of 15% was reached. Urea is a pharmacologic component for the water retention in the skin.
The moisture absorption is dandruff, itchiness solving and antimicrobial.

A further goal was the protection, respectively the support of the acid-proof mantle: Hereby was discovered that the formulation of IDEALDERMREPAIR has a positive influence on the acid-proof mantle of the skin.
A safety mantle of our skin that we have to pay more attention to. We disturb its function by exaggerated hygienical behavior, for example too frequently showering and household chemicals. But environmental influences like polluted air and exaggerated sun bathing also damage its safety function. This stress factors are valid for all age groups.

Nowadays many people get older. That is great.
But with the age our skin loses elasticity, gets dry, draws to thin fissures and often suffers itchiness. Selective care is now very important. A permanent basic service with moisture and skin re-fatting is essential.
IDEALDERMREPAIR offers an adequate care for ageing skin by its ingredients.
IDEALDERMREPAIR provides the necessary moisture and strengthens the skin in its ability to save water. It also avoids dander and prevents itiching on too dry skin.
IDEALDERMREPAIR was proven very skin friendly in clinical tests.
IDEALDERMREPAIR is fragrance-free, that means free of unnecessary allergens.
Clinical tests with people that tend to have skin irritations acknowleged the good skin compatibility. It was even approved on people with skin diseases.

What end result did the clinical test show?
IDEALDERMREPAIR was tested on all requirements under clinical control. All groups of ages, test persons with a healthy skin appearance, morbid hornification, neurodermatisis, psoriasis, ageing skin, sensitive skin and itching skin were involved.

Altogether it was discovered that IDEALDERMREPAIR

  • is a suitable aid to therapy accommodating skin care for morbid skin irriations
  • offers very good care advances for skin stressed by ageing
  • has the right care answers for ageing skin
  • is very well compatible for skin irritations

Tipo de piel: Alle huidtypes Normale huid Rijpe huid Droge huid Gecombineerde huid Gevoelige huid Zeer droge huid
Huid problemen: Anti-veroudering Doffe huid Vermoeide en slappe huid Beschadigde huid Neurodermitis Psoriasis stretch Marks veroudering van de huid Droge huid
toepassingsgebied: Handen lichaam benen voeten hals
consistentie: Vloeibare cosmetica lotion crme
Belangrijkste actieve ingredinten: Vitamine E Olijfolie-extract tocoferol ureum
Land van fabricage: Premiumkwaliteit, gemaakt in Duitsland!
Artikelgewicht: 0,16 Kg
Inhoud: 150,00 ml
Ingredients: Aqua, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Propylene Glycol, Urea, Cetearyl Alcohol, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopherol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Citric Acid.
  • Nachkaufprodukt Von tina am 10. Mrz 2016
    Ich habe schon mal eine Tube von einer Freundin bekommen und da ich diese so toll fand nun nachbestellt. Ich habe sehr trockene Haut und finde diese Creme super. Jetzt bei den ersten Sonnenstrahlen plagt mich wieder die sonnenallergie aber dank dieser Creme ist es nur halb so schlimm man bekommt den Juckreiz gut in den Griff.
  • Repaircreme Von JHam 19. Dezember 2015
    Ich habe Repaircreme in Kombi mit der Idealderm Mikrodemanrasionscreme probiert und freue mich ber eine babyzarte pralle Haut. Insbesondere bin ich auch ber die sehr gute Vertrglichkeit und dem angenehmen Hautgefhl angetan. (auch bei Hals und Dekollete) Diese Urea Creme -im Gegenzug zu vielen anderen Produktem mit 10 % Urea hinterlsst weder ein fettiges noch klebriges!!! Werde ich definitiv wieder kaufen!
  • Sehr gute Feuchtigkeitscreme Von Moni am 14. November 2015
    Ich habe extrem trockene Haut an den Hnden. Aber seit ich diese Creme hier entdeckt habe und benutze, habe ich keine trockene Haut mehr an den Hnden. Sie fhlen sich supersanft an und sehen nicht aus wie "Winterhnde" (wie wenn jetzt schon tiefster Winter wre). Ich habe diese Creme auch schon einer Freundin empfohlen, die extrem trockene Gesichtshaut hat. Auch sie ist total begeistert von dieser Creme. Auch sie ist ihr Problem mit der trockenen Gesichtshaut losgeworden. Ich habe schon fters Produkte von idealderm ausprobiert und bin restlos begeistert. Fr mich als Vegetarier auch ausschlaggebend, dass diese Produkte ohne Tierversuche entwickelt werden. Das finde ich sehr lblich.
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