Fruchtsurepeeling mit 70% Glykolsure

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To remove dead skin cells
- Accelerateskin renewal
- For a brand new skin!

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Necessary products for this peeling
  • Neutralizes skin PH, blocking any further acid effect.
Complementary product strongly recommended with this peeling
  • This cream is rich in skin protective ingredient and perfectly tolerated by the skin.
  • Highly purified water
    • Size: 3 ml (Total volume 5 ml)
    • Total length of approx 16.2 cm
    • Droplet size 54 l (i.e. 0.05 mL)
    • Pack of10 Pipettes packed in ziplock plastic bag
  • It is very important to use this suitable cosmetic brush for the perfect application of peelings and serums.
  • Suncreen thatprevents damage caused by solar radiation.
    Solar filters UVA + UVB

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Reveal a new skin with a healthier, brighter and younger complexion.

Chemical peel is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures to reveal a new skin with a smoother, softer and younger complexion, reversing damaged skin due to some factors such as sun exposure (photodamage), aging, oily skin, etc. They accelerate skin exfoliation, removing damaged cells from the uppermost layers of the skin, promoting a new layer of skin that is more youthful, refined, luminous, with fewer wrinkles and dyschromias.

Acidic Hydroxides arevery effective in the treatment of a wide variety of skin problems such as:
- Photo aging
- Skin dull and without radiance
- Acne
- Superficial, medium and deep wrinkles.
- Pigmentary problems (melasma, post-inflammatory pigment hyperpigmentation, age spots, ...)
- Seborrheic and actinic keratosis
- Ichthyosis and drought
- Rosacea
- Vulgar warts
- Flaccidity of the skin

Actions of the ingredients: diminishe corneocyte adhesion, help the skin to eliminate dead cells and promotes natural regeneration of the skin. This exfoliating effect removes the uneven layer of dead skin cells resulting in a smoother and uniform skin texture.

Thanks to its antioxidant and regenerative properties, glycolic acid is very effective in skin rejuvenation treatments, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines and increasing the skin's ability to retain moisture. It stimulates the activity of fibroblasts in the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs (glycos amino glycans), resulting in the regeneration of new tissues.

It also reduces acne breakouts, smoothes irregular stains, and brightens hyperpigmented surfaces.

Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxyde acid derived from sugar cane. Its small molecular size facilitates rapid and deep penetration through the skin surface, improving results.

Bottle of 10ml (for approx.3 to10 Patients).
pH < 0,5

Instructions for use and application protocol:
Follow step by step the attached manufacturer's instructions (very detailed document).

Treatment period:
To achieve the desired results it is necessary to perform several treatments. It is recommended to do 6 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart. Nevertheless, treatment plans should be individualized according to the strength of the peel and the conditions and characteristics of the skin to be treated.
For maintenance, one session is recommended every 6 to 12 months.

Keep in a dry and cool place. Keep away from light.

Skin type: All Skin Types normal skin mature skin impure skin
Skin Condition: Acne Hyperpigmentation Anti-Aging Wrinkles Dull skin Tired & sagging skin Psoriasis pimple Aging Skin Blackheads Dry skin
Area of application: Hands Face Neck Cleavage
Consistency: Liquid Gel
Main active ingredients: Niacinamid glycolic acid
Country of manufacture: Premium quality, made in Germany!
Product weight: 0,06 Kg
Contents: 10,00 ml
Ingredients: See "Ingredients" tab
Usage instructions: See "How to use" tab
Precautions for use: Contains alpha hydroxy acids. For external use only. Avoid eye contact. If this happens, wash your eyes with plenty of water. Keep away from children.
Customer Experience: See "Customer Experience" tab

Customer Experience

  • Selina n.
    Happy to have discovered Idealderm. Products and testers are great that came in my peeling kit. Already making my second order for other products.

How to use

Follow the included step by step detailed manufacturer instructions.


70% Glycolic Acid, Aqua.

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