Peeling Lotion with Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid

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The ideal formula for all skin types. It clears, renews & regenerates the skin!

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Peeling Lotion with Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid
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Neutralizing Lotion
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Ideal as a first peeling or as a cleanser to prepare the skin beforepeelings, micro-dermabrasion and masks.
Ideal care & cleanser of oily and acne-prone skins& for mature skins.


- Formulated to unclog pores and remove cellular debris.
- Aims at removing sebum excess while reducing its production.
-Ideal as first peeling.
- Preparation of the skin for other treatments (eg. before use of chemical peelings, microdermabrasion, collagen masks,...)
- To increase the penetration of face masks, anti-aging and moisturizing products etc.
- Ideal for oily and acne-prone skinsbecause salicylic acid inhibits the growth of bacteria, regulates sebum and has an horn expectorant effect.
- Because ofits cell renewalaction, it isalso wellappropriate for treatment of mature skin.
- Excellent supplement for CLEAR products of IDEALDERM.

Key active ingredients:

- Glycolic Acid
- Viriginic witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)
- Salicylic Acid
- Glycerin (Glycerol)
- Citric Acid

Effects of the active ingredients:

- The Glycolic Acid is one of the most commonly used chemical substances in the field of chemical peelings. This causes a multitude of complete or partial changes (separations) in the epidermis / papillary. This process fosters the exfoliation of special skin layersand stimulates epidermalrenewal. It rejuvenates the skin without causing irritation.
After several glycolic acid treatments further changes in the skin can be detected: new collagen deposits are formed, this help to remove cutaneous pigmentation...

- Salicylic Acid has keratolytic, comedogenic and bacteriostatic properties. Ithelps to regulate the production ofsebum. Salicylic acid also contributes to the cell regeneration, helps reducing impurities and preventing clogged pores. It'sregenerating and refreshing.

- Hamamelis virginiana (Hamamelis Virginiana) has proven anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It helps healing of minor skin injuries and relieve itching. Soothing properties.

- Glycerin reduces spots and blemishes, soothes the skin and maintains water balance.It can fight the effects of skin diseases such as psoriasis and improve appearance of the skin.
Anti-ageing effect: Glycerin makes the skin look much youngerby reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

- Citric Acid is a powerful antioxidant which helps to soften the skin byproviding the skin with additionnal hydratation. It offers an astringent effect. In addition it is well known for following benefits:
- increases collagen production
- significant antioxidant and healing properties
- helps to soften the skin
- reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- minimizes the appearance of scars

Pads with non-greasy lotion.
Quick absorption.
Free of colourants / Kathon free / Without addition of questionable parabens / Sulfate free / Paraffin free / Mineral oil free, (...) for a better skin tolerance.

Bottle of 125 ml / 4.23 Fl. oz.

Skin Condition: Acne Anti-Aging Tired & sagging skin Psoriasis pimple Skin cleansing
Consistency: Lotion
Main active ingredients: glycolic acid Hamamelis Salicylic acid
Country of manufacture: Made in France
Special features: oil-free Non-comedogenic
Product weight: 0,16 Kg
Contents: 125,00 ml
Ingredients: See "Ingredients" tab
Usage instructions: See "How to use" tab
Precautions for use: Apply over the area to be treated by gently massaging. Do not rinse off. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes. Avoid exposure to UV radiation. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Not for use in infants or children under 3 years of age!
Customer Experience: See "Customer Experience" tab
pH-Wert: 3 +/-0,5

Customer Experience

  • M. B.
    3 April 2021
    Works well
    Works well, is strong. Beginners should be careful. Tolerated it well despite sensitive skin.

  • Mermaid
    23 March 2021
    Good for mature skin
    Good for mature skin and a must have with six times fruit acid peel treatment.

  • Oya
    24 February 2021
    Top product !!!
    I am very happy with IDEALDERM lotion peeling.
    So far I have used it 2 times with the Dermabrasion machine and the spots on my face have always become Lighter.
    My skin looks healthy and fresh.
    I can only recommend (5 stars)

  • Aude M.
    Brilliant ! Prepares the skin well for strong peelings
    The lotion is great, compared to another brand I tried this one really works. The product works very well because it is not diluted. My face was very red and slightly tingly. I actually had the same reactions as when I peeled in a dermatology center, less severe as the acid dose is lower. Perfect for gently prepping my skin before doing the scrubs!

  • Micha
    Great peeling
    The peeling is awesome. I would order again anytime.

  • Martina Sch.
    Well suited for blemishes and acne
    I have been using the product for a few days and notice that the skin is softer and the inflammation is less. I'm very satisfied.
    • Tatiana
    I like to use the product, it has a positive effect on wrinkles and small scars on my face. Thanks to witch hazel extract, the skin is soothed after use and feels very pleasant. Weter to recommend.
    • weymans
    Great skin
    I liked that very much. Skin is silky smooth
    Sensible product - ideal to prepare for a strong chemical peel
    After I first bought another Amazon product that apparently doesn't contain any AHA (at least never the specified 15%), I decided to go with it and I'm satisfied so far. I definitely recommend buying a cosmetic brush with plastic bristles or having it at home for clean and hygienic application. The clear liquid feels similar to other fruit acid products I've had before. Nothing is peeling so far.
    It is definitely a reputable seller with a reasonable product.
    It was extremely important to me that there were no harmful ingredients such as silicone and parabens, as in many comparable products. This is a very pure business.
    Long-term report is still pending!
    • Danielsson
    Great exfoliating lotion
    This glycolic acid exfoliating lotion was exactly what I was looking for. The dispatch was quick and uncomplicated and helpful information brochures and product brochures came with the product.

  • Manon A *** n
    Daily treatment
    Have been using an 8% glycolic acid cream for a long time and now wanted to try a care product with a higher percentage. I would rather call the lotion a tonic and that's exactly how I use it. Apply it morning and evening after washing with a cotton pad and then follow my usual care.
    The lotion tingles easily after application, which I personally find pleasant. My skin feels clean afterwards but in no way dry. Shipping was super fast and there were several samples from Idealderm. I find the price performance really appropriate here, since the lotion will surely get you by for half a year and many products with fruit acid are significantly more expensive, even though the percentage of glycolic acid is even lower. For good reviews, there is free eye care and if you buy another product, you can even get another product for free after entering the enclosed voucher.
  • Ela St *** h
    Inexpensive and elegant
    The product has been really good and I liked it. I will definitely order here again.
  • Rosemarie S *** t
    February 21, 2020
    I'm excited!
    Not only enthusiastic about the product, which of course I tried immediately after receiving it. I was also impressed by the extensive information material, package insert (German manufacturer) and free samples. The enclosed information booklet not only explains the additional product range, but also explains important aspects of chemical peels, skin type determination and the different types of acids.
    I find it particularly important that the manufacturer does not leave the customer in the dark. After all, you don't want to put anything wrong on the face in the relationship.
    Through the enclosed information I found out that there is a peeling in the product range which fits my needs better. Is also available on Amazon and of course I ordered it straight away.
    Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the product named here and will use it during the week.
    It is not quite as strong, also results from the acid composition and is well suited for newcomers.
    I can not say anything about freshness, because the lot number is not understandable for me. Information about the expiration date would be helpful here. Nevertheless, I give it 5 stars because it looks fresh, fresh and easy to work with.
    I do not understand the negative reviews here because the manufacturer gives good information on the application. From my point of view, if it has little effect on some users, it means that they have chosen the wrong product for their skin type.
    I also find the outrage of some customers over the "thank you offer" with 5 star rating exaggerated. To rate this with 1 star is a cheek.
    For this reason and not because of the product addition, I decided to write a positive review.
    Presents or sample additions are common and legitimate everywhere or people believe them here if they get a 10% discount in a perfumery or drugstore or a free sample does not affect their buying behavior.
    "Small gifts keep friendship alive"
    I am grateful for objective reviews and yes this affects my buying behavior. I write a positive review because I like the product and not because of an encore. Anything else would be unfair!
    In this sense, thanks to the Serous provider and thanks to all who rate this and only the product.
    R. Schmidt
  • fairy
    Good product!!
    This product does what it says on the tin.
    I am absolutely satisfied! And thanks for the free trial products
  • Anna K***k
    6 February 2020
    Very great product
    I chose this lotion for my chemical peeling. I was worried a lot if I could use the two products together, but after a little test everything was great.
    I will also use the product as a day care for my face.
    I was especially happy about the three samples !!!
  • Juliane
    February 5, 2020
    Visibly more beautiful skin
    I have now ordered this peeling lotion for the third time. I love her. The skin becomes visibly smoother and softer and the complexion is refined. Large pores disappear. I am thrilled and will buy them again and again
  • Board
    Visible improvement even after one application!
    I'm totally surprised that such a good effect is visible after the first application. The skin feels much smoother! Can recommend the product!
  • Sissi
    July 28, 2019
    Refines the skin texture
    I have been using the fruit acid peeling for about a year about 2-3 times a week.
    My complexion has improved and impurities have become less.
    I generally have hardly any skin problems and also little pimples or the like, but I still think that the peeling has contributed something to make the skin look finer.
  • Nicole
    July 21, 2019
    Great product, great effect
    Great product. Had blemishes on the chin and did not know where that came from. I applied the product for the first time in the evening and already in the morning I noticed an improvement. After 1, 2 weeks my impurities were gone. Now I always use it as needed.
  • Mc Fox
    May 13, 2019
    Meets what it promises
    Very friendly and immediate contact, which I find very important. The product is exactly what I was looking for. I use it as a preparation for another application. Therefore, a liquid variant with at least 15% AHA was important. I will refer to other products of IdealDerm because the products and the company make a serious and trustworthy impression
  • in l****e
    Magical skin!
    March 26, 2019
    I (30) have been using the lotion for almost 2 years now and I'm just thrilled that it still works and my skin shines after that and gets very soft.
    The lotion belongs firmly in my cosmetic bag and is an indispensable part of life. I love it!!!!
  • Marwah
    March 20, 2019
    It's perfect
    The product is very good and I liked it I am absolutely satisfied
  • Beate
    Effective product
    March 11, 2019
    I have been using AHA products as tonic for months, which has significantly improved my skin. Since I still had smaller blackheads, I was looking for a higher-concentration product than the usual 5-8%. Hereby I have found it: the pH is optimal and the composition is top. The value for money is impeccable and far surpasses hyped products from the USA. I apply it as mentioned as a tonic, d h without rinsing. Lt description on the bottle this is possible, lt package leaflet and information here it should be washed off after 15 min. If you do not have an AHA experience, you will be better served, but my skin tolerates it without rinsing off. I am curious if this product can sell the last blackheads.
  • Simone L *** e
    The product is very good and I liked it. I am absolutely satisfied
  • 01/28/2019
    This lotion is great and I will probably buy more of her company's products. Many Thanks.
  • Cause true miracles in no time
    January 6, 2019
    Well, I wanted to give myself some more time before I describe my experiences, but after many positive feedback I wanted to write my review already.
    I am 32 years old. I ordered this product, not because of my badly blemished skin, but because of large pores, small wrinkles and because my skin looked not fresh but tired.
    1. Arrival of the package
    At the beginning, I received a package containing application lotion, 2 more samples (After sun cream and a lotion), a booklet with several other described products, application aids and recommendations. What made me unsure was that the alleged exfoliant lotion is not a creamy scrub lotion. Already the essay is different. The product I received was more of a tonic.
    However, this has turned out to be fortunate for me, as you should know that the skin care series should normally be applied by professional cosmeticians (that's how I took it from the booklet). The "tonic", however, is used before the treatment of a beautician well prepared and is thus not quite as aggressive. 2. The use
    I first applied a touch of the neck with a cotton swab to see if I could handle the product. After I found no irritation, I first washed my face, applied the solution on a cotton pad and face, neck and dcollet cleaned with it.
    It burned and tingled in some places, this passed quickly again.
    After that, I continued to use my previously used creams, which are mainly moisturizing and soothing.
    3. Result
    I have been using the product for just 2 weeks and my skin is much gentler, firmer and my pores have become smaller.
    I do not know if every skin type can handle it. I am Mulatin, so have a darker skin tone.
    I hope I could help some. Good luck!
  • Recommended AHA lotion
    2 January 2019
    I have been using the lotion for almost a year now. I hesitated for a long time to make a recommendation, because it takes a longer time in my opinion to assess the effect. Especially with my otherwise sensitive skin (63 years) it sometimes happens suddenly that I can no longer tolerate a product. That is not the case here. My skin has become finer and of pimples and I could say goodbye permanently. Therefore a clear recommendation !!!! I will continue to use it in the future.
  • Findit very well
    December 7, 2018
    Meets its purpose, good effect and very productive.
  • good exfoliation for the home
    from Dija
    November 28, 2018
    I have to say that I am really positively surprised by the exfoliation. It makes the skin more pure and leaves pores finer. Of course it takes time - it's been 4 months now.
    Wear it 1-2 times a week with a cotton pad on your face and do not even wash it off. Tend to dry, combination skin and have from u to impurities.
    It tingles a bit in some places after application. After that I definitely use a care.
  • November 13, 2018
    The product is very good. I used it exactly after the instructions and then started with the Microdermbrasion. I am absolutely satisfied, fast service and delivery and the product keeps what it promises.
  • I ordered the lotion almost one week ago, after the first application the skin felt so silky, also I had acne on my forehead, which looks less reddish after one application. Only one thing, the lotion is more like a tonic, so better to be applied using cotton pads. I only used it once, but I'm satisfied and it so far it looks promising.
  • By Mysteryam April 12, 2018
    After initial difficulties, I am completely satisfied thanks to the fast and nice service, the seller has informed me really well, now I can with confident conscience ran to the scrub, will test more products, but must first start small, very good products am excited
  • Satisfied
    By Andrea K on May 20, 2018
    When shipping everything went smoothly. In addition to the ordered product, the package contained samples and a detailed brochure and a voucher. Through the brochure, I then learned what products should be used together with the fruit acid peeling and I then ordered the same. I am absolutely satisfied!
  • 5 *
    By Nico on May 9, 2018
    The lotion is definitely great. She keeps what she promises. I am fully satisfied. I can only recommend.
  • Very effective product
    By Niklasam April 28, 2018
    Skin shows improvements after only 2 uses! Best with cotton pads after showering and then leave to act.
  • Good fruit acid peeling for beginners
    From Eva H **** r on April 26, 2018
    Easy to apply, makes very soft skin and refines the pores! Ideal for getting started with high concentration peels.
  • Products by Idealderm ...
    By katja on April 18, 2018
    Great product .... Must have for anti aging ..... Very satisfied ....
    I'll order more products from Idealderm ... Thank you very much
  • AHA lotion, fruit acid peeling with 15% glycolic acid 1.5% salicylic acid ... ideal as the first peeling GS lotion 125ml, preparation
    By Mystery on April 12, 2018
    After initial difficulties, I am completely satisfied thanks to the fast and nice service, the seller has informed me really well, now I
    can with confident conscience ran to the scrub, will test more products, but must first start small, very good products am excited
  • 5 April 2018
    I love it when a product does exactly what it says it does! In 1 Week of using this Peeling Lotion, my skin is clearer, brighter and has been only breaking out to clear the blocked pores that were causing the acne to begin with. I never write reviews but this time I just had to! Thank you Ideal derm. Will definitely be purchasing from them again!!!
  • 18 March 2018
    I ordered the lotion almost one week ago, after the first application the skin felt so silky, also I had acne on my forehead, which looks less reddish after one application. Only one thing, the lotion is more like a tonic, so better to be applied using cotton pads. I only used it once, but I'm satisfied and it so far it looks promising.
  • #Good brand with good service
    November 15, 2017
    The enclosed brochure gives a good overview of the treatment and describes exactly what needs to be done. One should apply to this product a "neutralizer". I ordered this directly. It is also offered a telephone consultation. Looking forward to applying the product in the next few months and seeing the results.
  • The lotion is great
    From name ram April 11, 2018
    This lotion is highly recommended. Skin feels very soft after use. Helps against the blemishes of the skin. The delivery was super fast.
  • Fine pores, smooth, pure skin
    By Miriam on April 3, 2018
    I use this AHA scrub every other day and am very satisfied. You really notice a difference. The pores are finer. In addition, I still use retinol and hyaluron. Since I tend to acne since my puberty this is a great support. This AHA exfoliating lotion. Since I got a sample of the company with the Microdermabrasionspeeling I tested out of this and am really speechless. I'll buy that too because I've never had such wonderfully tender skin.
  • Very good product!
    By S. Steegeam March 26, 2018
    Prepares the skin optimally for further exfoliation or care. Makes them soft and supple. Order like a tonic, so very easy and simply rinse with water.
  • what I was looking for ...
    By Eva on March 19, 2018
    Prossesioneles lotion does what it promises .... my skin is then beautifully smoothed, "cleaned", as "cleaner" ... mini slight crib, but it is normal in fruit acids, give away quickly ... I will definitely recommend it and buy it ..
  • Surprisingly soft skin!
    From Kundeam March 19, 2018
    I was only septic about the fruit acid peeling. But after applying it thinly to my skin and sticking to the prescribed time, I was just thrilled.
  • Shipping went quickly. Can I recommend further.
    from Schulte
    Fast shipping, microdermabrasion cream sample, super products! Gladly again!
  • Good exfoliation
    By Fabian on February 27, 2018
    Already bought for a long time, a very good product, but it should not be used too often, as it naturally dries up
  • Everything great!
    By Amaia on February 17, 2018
    The exfoliant lotion came nicely packaged with an extra sample and leaflets 2 days after ordering. The 15% lotion, in my opinion, is great for getting started - it's easy to brush on but makes the skin wonderfully soft and makes my acne scars appear lighter. Hopefully I'll get rid of my scars completely, maybe I'll order a more concentrated peeling of the same range of cosmetics - I'm thrilled with IdealDerm! Finally high quality cosmetics at affordable prices.
  • Great product
    By angelique on December 29, 2017
    Shipping was super fast faster than expected.
    I also tried the product immediately and the skin is already after first use.

How to use

Clean the skin (eg. with ColorDerm Removing Cream). Apply the peeling on quickly and evenly. It is advisable to maintain a residence time of 5-10 minutes - this time, however, can also be individually reduced or extended - you should watch the skin just as soon as a slight redness or a mask forms, you should remove the peel with plenty of water. If this effect occurs in more than three digits, you should neutralize the whole face with the neutralizing lotion. A thin layer of Neutralising Lotion should be applied to ensure that the possibly remaining peeling on the skin is neutralized. During application of peeling, it is especially important that you inform the customer that he can feel a slight to moderate tingling during application - this feeling passes after a few minutes.


Aqua, Glycolic Acid, Alcohol, Sodium Hyxdroxide, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract, PVP, EDTA, BHT, Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate 20, Parfum, CI 42090.

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5 from 5 Gnial ! Prpare bien la peau aux peelings forts

La lotion est trs bien, par rapport une autre marque que javais essaye, celle-ci marche vraiment. On voit quils ne diluent pas le produit donc de trs bonne qualit et srieux. Jai eu le visage bien rouge et de lgers picotements. Jai eu vrai-dire les mmes ractions que lorsque jai fait mon peeling dans un centre de dermatologie en moins puissant puisque le dosage de lacide est plus faible. Parfait pour prparer ma peau en douceur avant dattaquer les peelings fatidiques!

., 21.12.2020
5 from 5 Un must have au quotidien

Je l:utilise en lotion tous les matins avant ma routine de soin. Ma peau est habitue a ce genre de produits. Le prix est trs raisonnable compare a dautres marques.
Jen ai achet plusieurs fois et le rachterai.

., 18.03.2021
Total entries: 2

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