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The skin is lightened up by the electrical treatment with nano needles. Thanks to the fine injections, the effect lasts all summer. That fast-growing feeling of good skin comes from supporting blood circulation in the skin. This is how the skin keeps its natural color.

The natural aging of the skin is slowed down.

Technical advantages

1. Microneedling = hyaluronic acid + many kinds of beauty options.

2. Imports beauty /care products safely.

3. Non-surgical, low trauma, fast and convenient.

4. Effectively replenish the skin's natural moisture to fill up cheeks, lips, neck, chest, back and other areas of the skin.

5. For freckles, dark circles, acne, small pores.

6. Improvement of the complexion and wrinkles around the eyes, tightening of sagging skin on face and neck.


Treatment with the microneedling device from IDEALDERM GmbH

The use of extremely fine needles penetrates the barrier layer (cuticula) of the human body skin in a square millimeter range. Millions of channels are opened on the epidermis without destroying them. Therefore the active ingredients of the nutrient solution are able to penetrate the skin effectively to stimulate collagen hyperplasia, to regenerate the cells and to repair the aging cells. Applicable for reducing wrinkles, treating scars and stretching marks, skin whitening, reducing pigmentation, improving eye wrinkles and dark circles, tightening and improving facial skin tissue, slowing down the aging process, preventing the loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The skin can highly absorb and store the highly effective injection products and thus, increase its own weight by a factor of 1000. This stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and repairs the skin. Dry skin becomes smooth and elastic skin in a short time.

The effect of microneedling

First stage: the skin's fluid content is improved and the skin's elasticity is increased.

Second stage: acceleration of the metabolism and removal of waste products. The nutrients are absorbed by the skin and can act directly on the skin. The removal of harmful toxins, erythema, pigments and salt is accelerated.

Third stage: light, shiny skin. The toxin metabolism is accelerated and the skin receives a natural glow.

Fourth stage: a naturally beautiful skin appears. The collagen rearrangement is complete and the skin appears smoother and more elastic.


Product effects

Deep replenishment

Rejuvenation through lightening

Soothe wrinkles

Smaller pores

Improvement of the complexion


Nano-electric light

The skin can be supplied with nutrients by using the nano-needle. The moisturizing effect is very good.

The effect of the microneedling device from IDEALDERM GmbH on wrinkles is very effective. Loose skin can be filled and facial wrinkles can be reduced. Overall, the skin appears firmer and more beautiful.

The device stimulates the skin, accelerates the skin's metabolism, causes the pores to contract and makes the skin visibly smoother.

Removal of melanin in the body - yellowish and dark skin is clearly lightened.

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