IDEALDERM experiences

Cord S***r
Top products that really help with skin problems and great exfoliating products that improve skin condition and texture in the long term.
It doesn't get any better than this !

Waldemar K*****i

Gérard A****n
Following my order, I would like to tell you that I am very satisfied with the products I ordered.
The 90% lactic peel is very effective; the skin is much finer, the pores have almost disappeared, it's magic. After only 3 uses.
As for the 70% peel, which I have been using for several months now, it is the essential complement, the alternative, to the 90% peel.
Also, the collamask day cream is wonderful, it soothes my face, smoothes it perfectly, I use it in the evening and in the morning, my skin is perfectly fresh. Do not hesitate to buy it.
The products are sent very quickly, they last a long time. No need to go to the institute. Very effective treatments while staying at home. Bravo Idealderm.

Andreas J **** i
Fast delivery and very good product.

Cord S****r
No frills, but products that really make a difference, beautify the skin from the very first application and are often packaged in a hygienic airless dispenser.
It doesn't get any better than this !

olivia h****r

Simone V *** t
Why am i satisfied? Apart from the competent, friendly advice over the phone and fast delivery ... The products are great. Even though I haven't been using the products that long, I've already noticed an improvement in the skin. The use of the acid peel is well described and simple. I will definitely stick with it ... Finally products that I can quickly see results at home.

Kamila K***k
I adore those products. My skin feels replenished, smooth and soft.

Andreas K ** s
Top service, fast delivery and good products

Hans-Joachim L **** n
Great products !!! Have been looking for products that
tackle my pigment disorders and blemished skin.
I finally found what I was looking for here. Impeccable cosmetic products
that work properly (like at a dermatologist or beautician)
once 2 months with various peeling lotions, as well as 15% glycolic and
protective day cream to take care of my skin. Then will me all over again

Veronica J *** i
Super fast delivery speed effective products are really satisfied
Thank you

Andreas S *** n
Fast delivery, high quality products, all very well

Cord S **** r
No frills, but products that really make a difference and beautify the skin from the very first application.

Noelia S.
Very good
I received the order within the set deadlines and in perfect condition. They sent me several samples as well as two catalogs of treatments that I might be interested in according to my request. You can't beat the service. I will repeat without hesitation.

Karla E ** n
I've been ordering from idealderm for so many years now and I'm more than satisfied. The creams, serums and masks make me feel very comfortable in my skin. Age spots have disappeared and when I look in the mirror in the morning I am always amazed at how well the skin has recovered overnight. I can really recommend Idealderm. The price / performance ratio is reasonable and the gifts are always very nice to have.

Cord S *** r
I am so excited about the effects of the products.
Since using the Idealderm Rosa Gel for the first time, my folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles, especially in the chin area) has been a thing of the past. I struggled with it for many years.
And I've tried so much.
Even the dermatologist couldn't help me permanently.
The peelings "boost" the skin's renewal process, and also make it soft, delicate and even.
In fact, my skin was less problematic than it is today - just maybe when I was a child.

Nadine K ** l
I am completely satisfied and can only recommend Idealderm products. The delivery has already arrived after 2 days. Samples and detailed instructions for the peelings were provided. The products are effective and of high quality. I will definitely order again and switch all of my cosmetics to Idealderm!

Denise P **** l
I am very satisfied with the products and see a difference after the first use. I ordered a peeling to lighten pigment spots, as well as a lightening mask and a neutralizer for the peeling, there were also small samples that I liked and I even want to buy more, delivery was also quick, so for me 5 stars ..

Susanna F.
Excellent product, quick delivery. I am very satisfied.

Anna N **** a
It was my first experience with Idealderm. My package shipped quickly not to mention the products are fabulous. I will definitely make other purchases as the prices are good and the quality is excellent

Bruna P***e
It s a great company. Every product i had ordered is fabulous. Particularly the Miracle cream and serum are fantastic. Also the Glycolic acid. A perfect assistance and fast delivery. I will order again very soon

Françoise A ** S.
Fast delivery, careful packaging. Thank you for the gifts, samples, and advice. I am always very satisfied with your products. Excellent value for money.

michèle z *** b
I received my glycolic acid. Sends very quickly, they are professionals. I recommend them.
Sylvia H**n

Well structured, informative online shop, invites you to browse. Registration and ordering completely uncomplicated, including selection of samples (peeling pads). I was very happy about the gift, depending on the order value. The delivery arrived well packaged and swiftly, so far I have been satisfied with the products, should I continue to tolerate them as well (sometimes a gamble with rosacea), there are already other products on my wish list. Also because of the reasonable price-performance ratio ...

Miloslava F***r

Hélène B***r

Mauro B **** o
Very satisfied

R S **** r
Based on reviews, I ordered the Clear Gel Cream for my mature dry fatty skin with hormone-related impurities and I am absolutely thrilled; this is the best care I have had for my skin problem so far! It came super fast, neatly packaged with lots of samples (that's how you advertise your products👍), where I've already discovered some post-purchase products for me, such as the peeling lotion and vitamin night cocktail cream ... Thanks for such great products at a great one Price!

Cord S *** r
December 8th, 2020
Effective peeling products that really improve the skin's condition significantly over the long term.

Barbara W *** x
Really very fast delivery, products as described, easy and safe application (chemical peelings) thanks to clear instructions. To be recommended, gladly again!

Isabelle D **** T
Fast delivery, very good products

Alice H **** g

Andrea R.
My order arrived securely packaged on time after payment with PayPal, along with many free samples and detailed application booklets.

Since then I have been using the peeling lotion as a care for my hormonal acne (especially in the mouth and chin area) and use it every other evening like a toner.
The result inspires me again and again! After a few applications, my skin has become fine-pored and delicate and no longer looks pale. After several uses, I also noticed a significant decrease in my hormonal acne.

For me the most effective and compatible product against my problem skin with a great price-performance ratio! Clear recommendation on my part - I'm already looking forward to the next order and other Idealderm products.

Rafaela Juarez P****z

Cord S **** r
Finally products that really make a difference.
Thanks to the great products, I finally got my main problem (cornification disorder in the chin area) and my inflammatory folliculitis under control after years of experimentation.

Isabelle P **** x
Super fast delivery +++ and high quality product.
I recommend

Nathalie B.
Products received fairly quickly with samples that allow you to discover other products, then it's always nice.
Very serious follow-up. 1st very positive approach.
Next order expected these days.

Anissa Norra H***i

Mechthilde S **** r

Donato S **** i
Reliability and professionalism in product sales and shipping

Corinne C **** e
Interesting products and fast delivery

Viktoria R *** b
Very good and effective products + more than reasonable prices + super fast delivery = regular customer :-)

Alina S *** j
I am very satisfied with the products and will continue to order!

Clarisse P *** d
Very good products

Laurie M****n

Isabelle P *** x
Products are great, super fast delivery +++

Hannelore S*** e
Good products, fast delivery. I am always very satisfied.

Kornelia W *** r
Super fast delivery and easy billing. Very satisfied!

Lana A *** i
Fast delivery, great products, reasonable prices, good support!

Esra Y *** z
Best service, best quality, super fast delivery number 1 for me! ❤
100% recommendation
Always my pleasure.

Cord S *** r
No frills.
Extremely effective products that significantly improve the condition of the skin from the first application.

Irina i***n

alex g **** n
Fast delivery, great products, I am very satisfied and will continue to order.

Angelika K *** z
Idealderm products are great!
I have already used some products. In addition to the microdermabrasion cream and the repair cream, which I have already reordered several times, I am now using the glycol peeling mask and peeling pads for the first time. After the application, the skin is very fine and pure. Then I use the tried and tested repair cream. I can only recommend!

alex g ** n
Satisfied with the order

Natalja F *** i
Simply great! Have ordered some products from this company and have to say that not only are the products very good, but the delivery was pretty quick too. I can only recommend it 👍

Olga P****i
I am very pleased. If you use it correctly, you will get very good results with the products. !! Which is very important !! Was able to help a lot of young people. Service, delivery is always 100%
So far I have not found a provider who offers acid peelings in the quality at great prices. Thank you!

Nadia K***i
Fast delivery, great product

Elena S****v
Awsome product, I am very satisfied with the service and will order again.

Kirsten W***z
genial service

goran g***p
Good quaility and good supplier.

Tina B *** k
I was very happy with my order. It came to me within a few days and the make-up is just great, it lasts all day no matter what you do.

amela a **** d
Very good products, fast delivery and different samples to try out.

Max G **** h

Thomas A ***** t
Fast and correct delivery. There are also free gifts.

Kathrin T *** h
I ordered several bottles of the peeling lotion because it is often out of stock. Had previously ordered it from Amazon. In addition, the glycolic peeling mask. Have very oily, blemished, large-pored skin. The lotion, actually a toner, is highly dosed and keeps the pores free. I love it. Add to that the unbeatable price.
The package was there after 3 days. A couple of samples were included. I was excited about them too. You get really hooked there. 😉

Gina F *** d
I have been ordering peelings, masks and creams from Idealderm for some time now. The products are very well tolerated and my skin has changed for the better.
I have already tried a lot, but I am completely satisfied with the Idealderm products and can recommend them with a clear conscience. There is quality here at moderate prices.

Michaela R *** r
fast delivery, problem-free processing

Claudia T **** i
Very fast shipping, I fall in love with your products! I'm very satisfied. I will buy again soon !!! Many thanks!!

Hetty S *** p
I am very happy with the products. You will notice the effect immediately after the first application. Service and delivery are also very good. I can only recommend it.

Karianne D *** l
Love, love, love the products, great concentration of active ingredients at a very reasonable price! Have tried several products and they are really of the highest quality. I cannot recommend the products enough. The customer service is excellent and nowhere else can you get these ingredients in these concentrations for such a low price. Lifelong customer earned!

Ann B *** + k
Professional service, great products. I have been using the products for the past 5 years and I am very happy.

Tatjana Z **** a
Very good cosmetics, exactly for the face problems - I can recommend it. Fast shipping, good customer service, very nice. 5 Stars .

Tanja K *** n

Ilga N ***** a
IdealDerm was recommended to me by my mother. She was totally amazed at the service and product quality. Her favorite is the anti-aging mask and the collamask face mask. So I also ordered from IdealDerm and can say that I am completely satisfied. First - I was surprised at the service when they contacted me personally because they wanted to make sure my address is correct. Because of the Latvian letters they got some strange signs (I know this happens a lot and it was my mistake to write it in Latvian). And in a few days I got a question about whether I had received my package and it also made me feel - that they care.
Well it arrived in 7 days and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Vitamin Cocktail Serum is just as fabulous as Collamask Eye Cream. They added lots of free samples and I'm ready to try them all out. For me this is very important because my skin is very sensitive and it is quite difficult to find the best solution. Even in the store you can't always get samples and it wastes the money on the creams and masks that you can't use.
Many thanks to the IdealDerm team. Keep doing good work. You definitely have a new customer. And I will now tell my sister to join in :)

Anna B *** a
Good seller, quick communication, highly recommended!

Marie-Josée Gauthier
High performance and specific products for our skin problems. I have tried several products in the range and I am still satisfied. In terms of quality, texture and smell. A company to discover if you haven't already. Fast service in Canada too. Very practical product data sheet.

Klusek A ** a
Everything delivered super fast, I'm looking forward to trying out the products, thank you!

Excellent price-performance ratio, high proportion of active ingredients, on-time shipping

Meraviglia c *** o
All right 10 great price excellent goods. 100% satisfied. All right 10 great price excellent goods. 100% satisfied

I have sensitive skin and rosacea. My dermatologist advised me to prepare my skin with a 15% peeling for a professional treatment in autumn. I found what I was looking for at Idealderm and received my delivery with great free samples and information material just two days later 2 applications I could tell a difference, my daughter who is struggling with acne is also enthusiastic. When we have both used the bottle, we will order the 30% or the 35% fruit acid peeling. Great quality and great service, we are enthusiastic and stay loyal customers .

Svitlana K *** a
Have made multiple orders in the last 2 years. Excellent quality, unbeatable price-performance ratio, very reliable service and pleasant communication. I get free samples and gifts with every order, which completely exceeds my expectations. Many many thanks! I am very satisfied and would be happy to recommend you!

Nora K *** z
Also for the second order: fast shipping, high-quality products for problematic skin that really do what they promise. I'm still excited!

Marie L ** v

saskia r***t
Great products, fast delivery. Order there again with pleasure.

Petra R *** h
Very fast delivery and well packaged. Only use the products for a few days, feel good on the skin. I can't say more after a short period of use.

anna t *** o
 The delivery was quick, the products are really of the highest quality and the customer care is very present and friendly.
Based on the expenses made, they always give their product and pamper the customer with many samples with every delivery. Don't miss out on her face mask and scrubs

Christiane W *** l
I have been a customer of Idealderm for years and so far I have been very satisfied with the products and the service.

Mimina M *** i
Great product quality for all skin types. Fast delivery and care with explanations of every product purchased. Good customer service. Not only does it take care of the shipping of your package, but it pays special attention to your satisfaction. I will advise 100%, I will recommend. 👍😊

Joelle l *** u
For the second time I have placed an order for products with Idealderm and I want to share my very positive experience with this website, be it in relation to
a catastrophic porous skin. I have now been to the most expensive laser treatments, which made my skin even more pigmented. After just one application with 15% glycol peeling mask, my skin was a dream. I just looked a few years younger. I have already pretreated with a smaller acid content but without success it was too weak. 15 percent is great. But I would have liked to know how often you can use this. I had neither redness the next day nor anything else irritating on the contrary. It looked like several shifts were gone at once. The blasted skin was more tense, younger, fresher and my pores, which I've had since I was around 16, were just barely visible. Incredible and it's not an exaggeration. It was exactly what I've always been missing. But there is a small shortcoming ... You don't understand what percentage that applies to. Can you use it every few days? Would be great if there is a version.
The description is a bit general and I don't understand the difference between the product 15glycol peeling and 15glycol peeling mask. Which is better and more intense? And can you somehow dilute everything? With a different cream or something? I use it for the whole body and unfortunately 1 bottle is not enough for much ... Still great package and the delivery was probably incredibly fast. 2 days. great service.

Oksana S ***** t
Very fast delivery and very good products!

Che l *** s
Everything tip top, quick help with questions and shipping was also quick. More than satisfied, always happy to stay healthy, dear idealderm team

A M *** r
Excellent service, professionalism and real people behind the products. Highly recommended.

Ale ** a
Finally a site that offers high concentration of fruit acid peelings with an ideal ph value. I am very satisfied and happy with my order.

Fast delivery. Good product.

maugeri m *** i
fast delivery very satisfied with the products i will recommend

Brio C *** a
Very good! The products are very good and take care of its customers! They make sure everything is fine, that we received the products and they are very generous! Sending gifts, samples, instructions in multiple languages!
I advise and I will keep buying!
A big thank you and I am very happy to see positive results on my skin in such a short time! 😊

Andrea K *** z
Very good! Very fast delivery. Extremely pleasant contact. Great quality of the products

stefan i **** v
Very fast delivery! Great products!
I am very satisfied. Thank you very much. We would be happy to come back anytime!

Veronique S **** k
The products are effective and the explanations precise. Follow the instructions for use. The dispatch takes place within short deadlines. I recommend

Ingeborg K *** h
Everything perfect!

carine b **** é
 Very good products, right at the top!
I would have loved to have had more rehearsals, but it doesn't matter, I highly recommend it!

Olga P **** i
I am very pleased. If you use it correctly you will get very good results with the products.

claudie r *** d
Don't worry about receiving my order very serious tracking

Julia B ***
Fast delivery u exactly what i wanted
Very friendly and interested in customer satisfaction

Christine F *** o
Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I bought and tested some products at idealderm. After I paid for the goods in advance, they were with me 2 days later.
There were some samples to test other items, which I think is very good.
The repair cream is great, I have dry skin and after using it it is very soft.
The collamask is also very good.
I will keep ordering.

Thomas G.

Martine L **** e
Super effective products! I'm currently testing the glycolic acid scrub and masks. My skin has never looked better since using Idealderm Skin Care

andromeda G ***
I am very satisfied, gladly again.

Diana E.

Magda E * B *** i
I am very satisfied with the IDEALDERM products. And very happy that I finally found a cosmetic brand that will help me improve my problem skin.

Alessandra M *** i
I once ordered the Glycolic Peel and the Pure Peel, together with the neutralizer. One application has already taken place and I am very satisfied so far.

Kerstin G *** s
01., 02.20

Martine L *** e
IDEALDERM does what it says on the tin. I ordered once, tried it and recommended it straight away. The Collamask is really great! In addition, we receive free samples, but also, depending on the order quantity, a product of your choice, classic size, free of charge. Really great!

Thu M *** e
Very fast shipping and high quality products.

Sven B ***** r

Milena W *** k
Ordered a brush. High quality product. I am very happy with the purchase. Very good customer service. Thank you very much

Brigitte M *** r

Bianca E ***** n
Very good product selection with detailed, valuable explanations on how it works.

B. S.

Reinhard S **** l

Brigitta *** s
I tried ideal cream and was very cold, so ordered again now.

Babsi H **** d
Very good products. The support is also very quick and professional.

Abdullatif N *** n

Hans Oeda

Christiane W **** l
I have been a customer of Idealderm for years and so far I have been very satisfied with the products and the service.

Nora K **** z
Everything is wonderful - good products at a very fair price and in pharmacy quality, fast delivery, many free samples included - I am completely satisfied!

Tanja K *** n

Kenya U ** a
Fast delivery, great customer service, good products and nice gifts. I ordered twice because I just loved it! I can only recommend it!

Evelina K *** i
The goods arrived at the same time. I have already tried both products COLLAMASK FACE MASK and COLLAMASK EYE CREAM and I am completely satisfied.

Hakima K **** y

Alexandra R ***** a

diana l **** o

Miroslav D ****

Barbara G *** w
Thanks for the great customer service and the unique products that
I don't want to miss anymore.

Nina D **** r
Fast delivery, great products. Will definitely order again!

Olga S **** a
Good products and quick service.
In addition to the products I ordered, I received many free samples that also confirm good quality. The peeling and the mask ordered absolutely correspond to the promised effects.
Thanks for the great service!

Ordered a few products for me and I'm thrilled. Are very good quality products

Ilka S *** z
everything perfect, nice contact, 100% satisfied


Janine M *** a
Very fast shipping, great product and, as an addition, some information material and samples!

Roaa M *** d
In fact, I had never imagined in my life to find products with this efficiency and at a competitive price I am very satisfied with the result that was achieved in a very short time.
Thank you to you and your wonderful efforts.

Heike C-M *** r
As always, very satisfied with the goods and fast delivery.

Andrea B *** r

Nancy V **** k
I already use several idealderm care products. Very good products with the best ingredients at an affordable price. Everything neatly packed and nice extras added.

Juju M *** e
The products are in beautiful and practical packaging for optimal use. The peeling brush is a bit large, but super comfortable on the skin. The products were in Austria within 5 days. I'm very satisfied and will order again!

Витали Л *** к
Thank you! All the best!

web *** D
It was my second order in a week. I found Microdembrasion Cream so good in combination with Vitamin Cocktail Cream (which I got as a tester) that I became curious and immediately bought other products. The delivery was super fast the second time. Everything perfect!

Люба Р **** а
I am more than happy. Delivery is always fast. I keep ordering from Idealderm.

Hans W***t

Azita S *** i
Great products and best service

Uwe S **** e
For years constant in quality, price, informative transparency and customer service. TOP!

Yvonne R **** s
26th September 2019
Super product and super fast delivery

Sarka Th *** s
Very good cosmetics. I have very problematic blemished skin. The microdermabrasion and the clean gel have almost magically removed the impurities. I used it before pregnancy, now I'm back at it. I am now 34 years old. I tried everything. With lasers and tablets, pharmacy, doctors, invested a lot of money and without success. I'm excited.

Christiane B ** u
I ordered a small cosmetic case. It's very pretty and functional. The delivery was quick. I am happy to order from Idealderm again.


Frank M **** k
This is now my 2nd order. I am satisfied with the effect.

Tanja K***t

Evi W *** t
Super Service.

Jan Simon H *** t
Was even delivered a day earlier than specified. The enclosed product samples were also well received! I can only recommend it.

Simone F **** r
I ordered the collagen mask and the Lift & Fill Cream and I am more than satisfied. The skin feels soft and relaxed and I have the impression that the wrinkles are no longer as deep. Has already been addressed.
Price / performance and delivery very good. I can recommend it with total peace of mind.

Regina B *** i

Andrea S *** t
I have often ordered Idealderm products and I am very satisfied. The ingredients are displayed and explained effectively and transparently.
I am a very big fan of Seren and use i.a. the Vitamin Cocktail Serum (V11 Serum). The prices are very good. Above all with regard to the ingredients and the not so good but expensive products from the drugstore or Douglas etc.
Olaf G **** h
I ordered the antiperspirant foot and body spray Naturalia because I have sweaty feet and with this spray my feet are dry. Had several Collamask, everything highly recommended, I'm satisfied!
Beatrice P *** e
I am very happy to have discovered your products. With each use, the results become more and more visible and you want to continue.
... great product quality ... thanks

Christiane Stenger
Hello, the Collamask was very quick with me and I have to say it makes my skin very beautiful.

Simone A *** n

B. Sabina K *** t
Fast delivery, well packaged + extra batch. Everything was great.

Cristina S *** u
I received my order a few days ago. Very fast delivery, nice staff. Thank you also for the small ,, gift ,, !!!

I have tested 4 of their products, the products are MORE THAN EFFECTIVE! It is really professional care, not to do anything with cosmetics that are sold in stores. In addition, I received samples and I think it's a great deal of attention because it allows you to test whether the products fit us before buying the complete pack! I recommend
everything is in order - many thanks
Britta P *** s
Great product, I love using the mask every evening and my skin is shining;)


Very good and effective products. The service is great too! I always order from Idealderm.

Patrick J **** e
Effective product, fast processing

Tanja Sc ***** z

So I *** a

Barbara Lisa **** n
I am very satisfied with all of the company's products. Questions are answered immediately and easily.

Boris S **** e
fast delivery, top product, have been using it for at least 3 years and have super soft and even skin for my age.

Lutz W *** g
Everything great. Many thanks.

Sonja B ***** e
Hello dear ideal derm team,
I am more than satisfied with the products that were delivered quickly and thank you very much for the many samples that I have already tested. I will definitely sit on my laptop at the weekend and send the next order because I am absolutely convinced of the products. I am also thrilled that they send an e-mail and ask for satisfaction, I am not used to something like this and was very happy about it. Kind regards

Sonja B *** e
The website was very good and all products were described excellently. Payment processing went smoothly and I had the delivery to my home within a very short time.
The previous products are just great, thanks for the many samples you sent me, I will definitely order them again.

I am absolutely satisfied with the products that I have ordered in IdealDerm. After a week, I noticed a big difference in my facial skin. They have excellent products and good personal service before and after delivery

Paula M
Good product

János S *** k

Véronique V **** n

Nathalie F **** r

Christine H **** h
Fast delivery, gladly again!
I like it

Michel F *** a
everything great!

Judith C *** k
Great thank you!

Franziska E *** i
arrived quickly
everything fine

Dirk H *** 21.05.2019
competent consulting
fast service

Maria P
Everything perfect! Thank you very much!

Lucienne S.
May 14, 2019
Fast delivery. Good product. Gladly again.

Timely delivery, top products,
professional handling
I can recommend with conviction

Anja H *** z
Very friendly and immediate contact, which I find very important. I will purchase / look at other products from IdealDerm, because the products and the company make a serious and trustworthy impression.

Sylvia F *** r
fast shipping, very well packaged, thank you for the samples.

Figen T **** u

April 30, 2019
Totally satisfied. It was a pleasure!

Vilma-Sonja Z **** r
Super fast delivery, great products, lots of samples, detailed product brochures enclosed, loving packaging - I am thrilled!

Fast delivery, helpful and nice contact with customer service. A great selection of samples, I am very excited and looking forward to testing. Gladly again!

Maria S **** s

Andrea U **** t
Fast delivery great product I always order Collamask and I am super satisfied so that the samples you always get are great If you have any questions they will be answered quickly so I can only recommend Idealderm.

Kerstin L *** h
Item delivered as described. No problem.

Andrea U.
Great product always order Face Mask I'm very satisfied which I think is great that you always get so many samples. Shipping was also very quick within three days so as I said I am very satisfied.

Swetlana W****h

Bettina D****g

Oksana Z**l

Keli C *** a
28.03.19I bought the 15% almond peeling and the product is very good. I've tried other products too, I'm totally satisfied !! Customer service is great, faster delivery.

Super ★★★★★

Brisca l***t

Florian M *** k
I have been ordering for a long time at Idealderm! I am satisfied with the products and the quality!

Ina G.
Everything great! Thank you and gladly again!

Eliana Fiorino

Barbara C **** t

Ines S.
Great products. I'm very satisfied. The goods arrived on time and I will order again. Keep it up!!!!

Julia Meronk
Fast delivery, good customer service and great products! I ordered the 15% Pyruvic Peel and the Repair Cream and I'm thrilled. I tolerate it well and I think that my skin has improved a little after an application. Clear recommendation!

Ranck Chomnoue
Hardly two weeks of use and the result is already noticeable.

Sherwan N **** r
Very well

Dani W
Fast delivery, very good product

Very good products,
I will definitely order some more.

Cristina V **** i


Really nice customer care, they also sent a good bunch of samples. i will buy again for sure! :)

Crina m ** c
Order and communication were flawless, I am very satisfied. Thank you 

Denitza M *** a
Super fast delivery, thank you.
I'm testing the quality ☺️
Great thanks

Jehad k***i


Everything is ok and the shipping was fast.


Evi K *** l



I am very satisfied with the service and the products.

Anne N *** l


Everything is perfect, I ordered a wood lamp and a deodorant and I even received samples. Impeccable delivery and packaging. I highly recommend it!

Simone Z *** e


fast shipping, thank you

Monica F.


I'm thrilled with the products, I can only recommend. Order and delivery worked great

Yasemin A.

11 .02.2019

I have been using Idealderm products for over 2 years now I have bought the fruit acid peeling with 50%, it is just great I am very satisfied with the products.

Jürg S *** r


Impeccable and prompt service: everything went very well. Gladly again...

Petra B *** t


Fast delivery, well packed, goods as described, gladly again!

Angelika B *** m


Everything was fine - gladly again

Sylvia D **** a


Very good products, I will definitely order some more.

Birgit S *** g


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Thank you, the delivery has arrived and I am looking forward to the exfoliation: o))
Your customer service is great! In today's digital and often anonymous world, it is good to know that we can always turn to you for any questions we may have.
Greetings and have a nice Advent!

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Goods and delivery in order. Payment by credit card doubtful, as apparently map data is not processed automatically.

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The delivery took a few days longer than indicated

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