For especially dry, sensitive skin, It increases by 15% the skin hydration!

IDEALDERM REPAIR products are clinically tested and contain the moisturizing agent urea in high concentration + Olea europea fruit oil (olive oil extract) + tocopherol (vitamin E) + tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate) + ...

IDEALDERM REPAIR is a high-quality care product range suitable for all ages, all skin types and, most importantly, for people with problem skin.

IDEALDERM REPAIR offers skin care based on scientific research, dermatological reports and a comprehensive safety assessment.

? Ideal for relief of atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis, endogenous eczema).
? Can provide hydration for extremely keratinized ichthyosis.
? The sensation of tension in xerosis (extremely dry skin, especially in old age) may improve.
? Ideal for alleviating psoriasis.
? Can positively affect the acid mantle of the skin.
? It is also an ideal post-peel care and after-sun care.

IDEALDERM REPAIR has been tested under clinical supervision for all requirements. Included were all age groups, subjects with a healthy skin, with morbid cornification, with atopic dermatitis, with psoriasis, aging skin, sensitive skin, prone to itching skin, etc.

Overall, it was found that IDEALDERM REPAIR
? is a suitable therapy-accompanying skin care for pathological skin disorders,
? provides decisive care benefits in everyday stressed skin,
? is ideal care for mature skin,
? is very well tolerated by skin irritations.

2. IDEALDERM REPAIR BODY SERUM (for legs and body)

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