Welcome to the IDEALDERM Affiliate Program!
Recommend us and get 20% commission *
on ALL products of the order placed in the shop
and not just the product you've promoted!

Click here to become an IDEALDERM affiliate partner and get 20% commissions *!

What benefit does it bring you?

You recommend IDEALDERM products and receive 20% commission * (for existing customers but also brand new customers).
- No third party costs through the affiliate network, so the commission is paid back to you 100%, everything for you!
- Easy evaluation of commissions in your customer account.

How it works ?

All you have to do is set up an idealderm.com link on your website / Facebook / Email / ... adapted to your needs and to motivate as many visitors as possible to click on this link to try (and especially to buy) IDEALDERM products.


> shop, shop or online merchant site
www.idealderm.com/shop (this site)

> Clients, visitors:
is the end customer who orders in the shop (your contacts)

> Affiliate, partner:
The partner who receives a commission for the orders made by him (= you)

> Trackinglink, Affiliation Link:
Is a link that the customer must click to be assigned to an affiliate (= you) by our system

> Commission stamp / (buffer period (in days):
The stamp in days is added to the payment and shipping data.
It is only after the expiration of the stamp period that the order will be displayed in the open purchase orders.
This is intended for example to take into account the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days.

> Minimum sale required:
This amount must be at least sold to receive the commission generated by downstream resellers.

What needs to be considered?

- Your commission rate (in%)
- Your commission period / buffer period buffer period (in days)
- Minimum sales required (in EURO)
- Affiliation link
- Payment frequency

Your affiliate link is structured as follows:

It is important at the end of each link to insert your following "signature":
Through this link extension or "end add-on", the system will detect that the purchase comes from YOU.
You can add this link extension after any page of http://www.idealderm.com/shop


Add it at the end of any URL http://www.idealderm.com/shop

For example :

You will receive YOURCODE_ID following the creation of your account.

* Commissions:

As an affiliate partner, you receive the sum of the commissions for each product ordered from an approved order.
For this purpose, the net price of the item concerned is invoiced with its ordered quantity and the applicable commission rate.
If a store visitor accesses your store through your affiliate link, each order for the current session will be assigned to your current campaign (affiliate partner).
The commission is calculated on the basis of the respective commission rate (percentage) and order totals (net, minus shipping) of the individual order items of the orders awarded.
The following conditions must be met for orders to be approved:
- the order must be paid in full
- The order must be shipped and accepted by the recipient
- The order can not be canceled

Your view of the affiliate partner on our portal:

After an account has been assigned to you (creating your account here), you have access to your backend in the "My Account" section to the list of your recommended clients as well as a small preview of the approved Commissions, the posted " clicks »affiliate links and its associated coupons.
By clicking on "Detailed view", you have the possibility to display the composition of commissions in more detail.
Here you can also choose for a certain period of time for the display filter.
As you, the affiliate partner, also see open commissions, the view is complemented by a selection between open and approved commissions.

On your portal the orders are highlighted in color:

Green :
These orders have been paid and shipped. The security buffering period has been exceeded based on the last shipping and payment date.

These orders have been paid and / or shipped. The last payment or shipping date is still in the security buffer period.

We can not yet approve these orders (eg orders have not been paid and / or shipped yet).

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

> Are cancellations taken into account?
Yes, cancellations are automatically deducted.

> How is it with the payment?
Is it done immediately or is it delayed by x days?
Commissions are only due in the month of the minimum payment or the date of shipment. In addition, the stamp will be taken into account (for example with a cancellation period of 14 days)

> Can affiliates track their sales (including customers and products sold in real time)?
Once you register (it only takes a few minutes), you will have your own access to our affiliate portal, which allows you to track your sales and commissions in real time.

Other questions ?

Dear future IDEALDERM partner, at IDEALDERM you benefit from an appointed contact person to avoid any deaf discourse ;-)