The cosmetic alternative to micro-injections!
Ideal for filling fine lines and deep wrinkles.

IDEALDERM PowerTox® Filler
contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (high and low molecular weight). It is a natural component of the skin. Its concentration decreases with the years.
This active ingredient penetrates the skin, captures water and increases its volume, thus promoting the filling of wrinkles. Its formula also contains vitamin C which increases the luminosity of the skin and improves its firmness. It also strengthens its natural defenses against external agents.

- Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid:
penetrates the deep layers of the skin, improves
its elasticity and fills wrinkles.
- High molecular weight hyaluronic acid:
stays on the surface creating a film that
prevents drying of the skin and
 increases the epidermal hydration.
- Vitamin C: anti-free radicals
- Organic silicon: firming & anti-wrinkle effect
- Glycolic acid: stimulates the renewal of the
- Gel Aloe Vera: moisturizing and
- Ginkgo biloba: antioxidant
- Complex of botanical extracts (Camomile,
Mistletoe, Melissa, Achillea, Fennel, Hops):
soothing effect
- Urea: moisturizing function + soothing effect
- Allantoin: moisturizes, softens and regenerates
  skin tissues.
- …



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