Natural peat extracts, active ingredients from...

Natural peat extracts

Natural peat extracts, active ingredients from the deep! Peat is a carbon-rich mixture of aerated decomposed plant communities, the definition of one of the oldest natural remedies in the world. In the geological development of a bog, a wide, shallow water surface with an adapted plant community (swamp and Peat flora) is a prerequisite for the formation of peat. Nutritional Supplements Health, natural cosmetics from bog products and brine products as well as aromatic baths, natural soaps and balms are manufactured as natural products and natural cosmetics. Such areas disappear over a few thousand years. Dead plants cover the bottom of the water and form an ever-increasing swamp and mud layer, which, however, has no contact with atmospheric oxygen due to the water closures and therefore only incompletely decomposed: This is the process of upward peat formation - a flat Peat. Under special climatic conditions and sufficient humidity, a growing Peat can be "grafted" onto the bog. Along with the changed conditions, the decomposition processes of growing and dying plant communities change as well. In all bog products and Peat-containing cosmetics from IDEALDERM GmbH, developed during the ice ages and further developed "bog peat" is used. A key advantage of the HochPeattorfes with its stronger acidity value is easily overlooked: its use in cosmetics of IDEALDERM GmbH produces a natural acidity in the balms, as well as in lotions, masks or even baths, which corresponds to the normal pH of a healthy skin ! Thanks to modern and constantly refined examination methods, the following vital and secondary metabolite groups are detectable in the bog and documented in their functions for human metabolism: celluloses, hemicelluloses, lignins, pectins, resins, triterpenes, phytosterols (»estrogenic substances«), tannic acids, Bioflavonoids, quinones, bitumen, humic acids, humates, sulfuric acid, lime, silicates, essential oils, mineral acids, macro and microelements (= trace elements). The effect of the bog (INCIdeclaration: peat extracts Clay) results from the sum of thermophysical processes (including high heat retention), absorption and absorption effects of the skin metabolism, ion exchange (salts, acids) through the skin and influencing the total metabolism of all organs.

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