A range of natural products
with a high concentration of active ingredients.

It takes cares of your skin with precious and natural active ingredients. A range of miracle products that combine multiple high-performance active ingredients in high concentration, beneficial for the skin and providing a feeling of well-being and pleasure for the senses, while remaining natural to respect skin sensitivity.

A miracle to make your skin glow again with all its radiance, for a long time and in a natural way!
MIRACLE SERUM (face, neck and décolleté):

an incomparable experience for the pleasure of the senses from the touch to the wonderful smell of rose (the main ingredient, known worldwide for its aromatic qualities) and to the sensation of softness and well-being brought to the skin. It makes this serum, an exceptional natural product.

Treat your skin to this incredible multiple active ingredients serum:
- Complex with moisturizing and healing active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Urea and Glycerin.
- Complex with protective and skin care active ingredients: Damascus Rose floral water, allantoin and panthenol.

MIRACLE EYE CREAM (eye and lip contour) :
Eye contour cream for the care and treatment of the signs of fatigue and ageing.

Main active ingredients:
- Complex of moisturizing & healing active ingredients:
hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin E, vitamin A (retinol) and glycerin.
- Complex with protective and skin care ingredients with shea butter, canola oil, and ruscus, caffeine.
Natural cosmetics with 98% natural ingredients.

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